Why the Prosperous Physicist Exists

I believe that people with advanced education in the physical sciences have enormous potential. That potential should be fully realized, for your benefit and mine.  I believe that the majority of physicists who will find their careers in industry have an even better chance to fulfill their potential than the few who become professors.  The key is developing the right career skills.

Over the years, I have mentored many young physicists formally and informally on career issues. The more graduate students and early career physicists I worked with, the more convinced I became that there is an enormous unmet need for career guidance in our field. The Prosperous Physicist is my effort to help meet that need by writing down my answers to the questions I am frequently asked and sharing them broadly. I hope you find it useful.

What You Will Find Here

The Prosperous Physics focuses on non-academic career guidance for physicists.  Most of the material is applicable to the other physical science disciplines as well.  Graduate students and PhDs in their early and mid-career years are the target audience, although undergraduate physics majors may also find it useful.  At least for now, most of the material represents the founder’s personal experience, research, and opinions, which he offers in the spirit of helping others.  There are no warranties express or implied and every reader should decide the truth of what is written here for themselves.

About the Founder

Matthew C. Thompson, PhD is a Lead Scientist at Tri Alpha Energy, Inc. where he heads the diagnostics group and works to translate nuclear fusion theory into a practical energy technology. He has previously worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Fermilab, and SLAC, and is an alumnus of Stanford and UCLA. Outside the lab, he strives to build an inclusive, prosperous, and high-energy future through mentorship, leadership, and advocacy.

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